Stemmer Fra Fortiden – App for Audiowalk at Trelleborg Viking Museum


Year: 2020

‘Stemmer Fra fortiden’ (Eng: ‘Voices of the past’) is a school project from KADK in collaboration with the Viking Museum Trelleborg (DK).

The topic was ‘Design for Context’.

‘Stemmer Fra Fortiden’ is a design for a guided audiowalk, controlled by an app, where the listener moves through the actual space on the ruins of the old Castle at Trelleborg. The app releases stories that takes the listener back on an audio-journey to the year 960.

The full idea plus design is created as a solo-project.

World Kindness Day – Stickers

World Kindness Day – Stickers

Year: 2018

School project. The stickers are made for use in messenger in relation to the World Kidness Day. The characters for my stickers are inspired by drawings I made in my childhood with my friends, called ‘Dilddillerz’. The concept was to create very unsymmetrical persons. But I find them very empathic in their expression.

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