A Palette of Lust

A Palette of Lust

A coloring book for adults

'A Palette of Lust' is an erotic coloring book for adults. It is filled with illustrations that celebrates our sexuality in all its colors.

When I begun the work on 'A Palette of Lust' I made some obstructions for myself:

  • The illustrations should represent as many sexualities as possible.
  • The drawings where all about passion and and the beauty of our sexualities, so all characters are drawn with smiles of pleasure on their lips.
  • If a kid were to take a curious look into 'A Palette of Lust', they should find the sexual scenes as beautiful, true, and embracing as possible, to help create a good perspective on our sexuality.
  • This is an erotic book – NOT pornography!


Year: The first edition was published in 2018



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