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BACHELOR PROJECT FROM the royal danish academy
FÅK! hvor går grænsen?

'FÅK! Hvor går grænsen?" ('FU(C)K! Where is the limit?) is my bachelor project from the Royal Danish Academy, School of Design.

The project is a pitch for an app about sexual consent and personal limits. It is an interactive information app, ment as a learning tool for kids between 16-18 years, about how to be more aware of their own and other peoples limits in a sexual situation.

The app is build like a game, where the user chooses hers/his own avatar and goes through different exercises. In the end of the storyline, the user will be presented with an overview of the choices that where made through the exercises, to give the user a better understanding of them self and their sexual lusts and limits.

The app was build in FIGMA and the animations where made in Photoshop and After Effects.

Illustrations for Tagensbo Church

Tagensbo Church is placed in the North-West area og Copenhagen. Tagensbo Church has hired me to take care of the visual identity of the church.

Ongoing since autumn 2020.

Ind i evigheden

Visuality for the music album 'Ind i Evigheden' by: Marc Facchini, 2019.

The whole project included an artwork for LP, CD and digital publishing, two fully animated music videos, and two graphic novels made from the illustrations from the music videos.

The full graphic novel was visualizing all the songs on the album and was made in collaboration with several other artists from Denmark & Italy.

Animated music video 'Dig & Mig'
Animated music video 'Bag Tonede Ruder'

Visuality for the music album 'Himmelmekanik' by: Marc Facchini, 2018.

The project consists of an artwork for LP, CD & digital publishing, as well as an artwork for the single '7 Juveler', and a poster for the album tour.

a palette of lust

A coloring book for adults

'A Palette of Lust' is an erotic coloring book for adults. It is filled with illustrations that celebrates our sexuality in all its colors.

When I begun the work on 'A Palette of Lust' I made some obstructions for myself:

  • The illustrations should represent as many sexualities as possible.
  • The drawings where all about passion and the beauty of our sexualities, so all characters are drawn with smiles of pleasure on their lips.
  • If a kid were to take a curious look into 'A Palette of Lust', they should find the sexual scenes as beautiful, true, and embracing as possible, to help create a good perspective on our sexuality.
  • This is an erotic book – NOT pornography!

Year: The first edition was published in 2018

stemmer fra fortiden

'Stemmer Fra Fortiden' is the design for an audiowalk with associated app made for the Vikingmuseum of Trelleborg. The project consists of an experience design that takes the user on a journey back in time – to the year of 960 – where the viking castle Trelleborg was at its peak. The audiowalk lets the user explore the actual surroundings while a soundscape follows the traveller and stories can be explored as they appear on the map.

The audiowalk is accesable through an app, that will follow the movement of the user and play the relevant soundscapes and stories, while working as a navigation map.

The project is made as a school project (KADK) in collaboration with Vikingemuseum Trelleborg. Year: 2020.

Urban chicken

Access project to the Royal Academy from 2017.

The assignment was to make a full design project based on the UN Global Goal number 12: Responsible consumption and Production.

'Urban Chicken' was a campaign about the advantages of urban chicken farming in Copenhagen to reduce food waste.

The Frog Adventure

Year: 2015

Materials: pencil, watercolor
Client: Ninna Nygaard

Illustrated book for children

Projects by slide order:

Storyboard for short animation (KADK project)


Storyboard for musicvideo, Little Bird.


 Storyboard for musicvideo, Vâlvâ.


mixed artworks for music & records
Projects by slide order:

Artwork for 'One Mans High is Another Mans Anxiety' by Nandu. Published on LP & digital.


Remake of Sonic Youth LP artwork. Made in glyphdrawingclub.com 


Artwork for the album 'Mørk Mandala' by Marc Facchini, published on CD, LP & digital. Design of tour poster.


Artwork for the album 'Oratario Vulgare' by Mother Lewinsky. Digital publication.


Artwork for the album 'Vidunderlige Drømme' by Marc Facchini, published on CD, LP & digital.


Artwork for the album 'Some People' by Mother Lewinsky. Digital publication.


mixed illustrations
Projects by slide order:

Illustration for poems by Jonas Reppel


Miley Cyrus. Made in glyphdrawingclub.com 


Virgin Mary. Made in glyphdrawingclub.com 


Stickers for World Kindness Day


Illustration for latin studies in e-learning by MinLæring.




The Little Prince – streetart.


Mother Earth Day – Dome of Visions.




mixed videos & animations


Speed drawing 2016
Musikvideo til Marc Facchini's single 'Velkommen til Verden.

Z O M B I E S  2016
2D animation – handdrawn.

A Walk Through Paper 2015
2D animation – handdrawn.

Run Girl ! 2015
2D animation – handdrawn.

Made for an article that deals with the Danish treatment wills'. KADK project.

A test in perspective and puppet movement in After Effects. KADK project.

TIME 2020
A test in visualization of time in Cinema 4D.

3D animation.

The Great Battle of Toiletpaper 2020

Toiletpaper animation made upon a scene from the wonderful movie 'Iceage' from 2002 by Blue Sky Studios.

Made after an experience of toiletpaper hoarding in Copenhagen during CoVid19.